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Albanian public universities collaborate to expand academic freedoms

Rectors of Albanian public universities will cooperate closely in order to increase the quality of education and the expansion of academic freedom. For this cause was also signed a joint statement by the rectors of these universities.

The statement was signed in the framework of the conference of rectors of Albanian public universities titled “Albanian High Education and Dealing with the Future”, which was held in Pristina. This conference was attended by rectors and vice rectors from Albanian public universities in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia.

Participants in this meeting analyzed the historical and current developments in Albanian higher education, agreeing together to institutionalize this conference and for closer cooperation in continuity with the aim of advancing higher education in Albanian areas. Rectors and representatives of Albanian public universities during the meeting raised the problems of lack of autonomy in public universities, lack of attention to scientific research and other problems faced by public universities today.

Attendees pledged to work hard on improving quality, expanding academic freedom, creating standards, improving student services, coping with technological challenges of the era, reforming higher education and other objectives included in the jointly signed by representatives of Albanian public universities. University representatives also introduced the idea of ​​creating a joint fund of Albanian universities, which would enable student exchange and academic staff exchange between them.

The Rectors agreed that meetings of Albanian public universities should be periodic meetings.