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“Development of online learning in Public Universities in the period of pandemic Covid19”

April 16, 2020

Press Release

On April 16, 2020, the meeting of the Conference of Rectors of Kosovo Public Universities was held to assess the level of development of the online learning process in the time of Covid19 pandemic.

The situation created as a result of the pandemic has prompted the Rectors’ Conference and the Public Universities to take alternative actions so that online learning continues according to the statutes of the Universities and the Law on Higher Education. The learning process in the online format started with applications from the Internet such as www.meet.google, Moodle, SEMS, SMU, and then through the most advanced SMU application related to www.meet.google, in which case the academic staff and students have better communication opportunities by generating all the data in the university application.

For more than three weeks since the organization of distance learning has started, the participation of academic staff and students is complete, in most cases, the participation of students is greater than during classroom teaching, lost hours have decreased etc. The problem we are looking for a solution to is the practice, which requires the direct presence of the student in the laboratory or in the classroom (Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Faculty of Education, Music programs, etc.).

So far, the protection of online bachelor’s thesis topics at the bachelor’s level has been successfully organized, and very soon the master’s thesis defense will also begin.

The Rectors’ Conference concluded that Public Universities need to find solutions and prepare to organize online exams, in order to finalize the whole teaching process in this academic year.

The Rectors’ Conference thanks all the students, their families, the academic staff and the managers of all levels of Public Universities for their commitment and help in the success of the online learning process.