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Grants were awarded for the best business plans

Within the project funded by the EU, “Empowerment of young people and women entrepreneurs” and implemented by “Caritas Kosovo” and the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IECM) at the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini” (UMIB), on Friday grants were awarded to the beneficiaries of the best business plans. Their selection was made by a joint commission of “Caritas Kosova” and IECM.

Otherwise, within this project, a considerable number of young people and women entrepreneurs have been trained and prepared for their business plans. As a result, the project has been hailed as extremely successful by all.

The Director of IEMC, Besart Hajrizi, said that the cooperation they had with “Caritas Kosova” has been very fruitful. “We are very motivated with the success of this project and we expect that in the future to continue with other projects for the benefit of young entrepreneurs in the region and beyond,” he said.