Teacher leadership, teacher’s role in school improvement and supporting students’ development and effective learning – the next workshop from the QATEK project takes place

Professors and assistants of the Faculty of Education, in the framework of the activities envisaged by the project: Towards an initial education of quality-oriented teachers to increase the professionalism of teachers in Kosovo (QATEK), on 6-8 April 2022 participated in the workshop for modules: Leading teacher and his / her role in school improvement and Supporting student development and effective learning.

The aim of the module Leading Teacher and his/her role in school improvement was to strengthen teachers’ understanding of the concept of teacher leadership and practical implications regarding the proactive role of teachers in school improvement and supporting the professional development of colleagues. Topics include: Collaborative school culture; Leadership concepts for school improvement: learning leadership, teaching leadership, curricular leadership; Leadership practices Determining direction. Student-centered goals for school improvement; Changing teaching and learning practices in schools; Practical tools for professional teaching of teachers. School and university partnership. The case of the school improvement program “School of the Future” – how they support the professional growth of teachers in school improvement.

The purpose of the module: To support student development and effective learning, was to strengthen teachers’ understanding of the concept of evidence-based factors that support development and learning. Topics include: Neuroplasticity and ability beliefs – growth and fixed mindset.

The modules were offered by professors from the University of Tallinn, Kathleen Vanari, Head of the Center for Education Innovation, and Kriste Talving, Visiting Lecturer of Teacher Training, School of Education Sciences.