The Fifth International Multidisciplinary Geoscience Conference started today

The “V International Multidisciplinary Geoscience Conference”, which lasts two days, started on Thursday at the “Isa Boletini” University in Mitrovica (UIBM). The conference is organized by the Faculty of Geosciences at UIBM in cooperation with the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals, Ministry of Economy: Department of Mines and Geological Survey of Kosovo.

The conference was declared open by the rector of UIBM, prof.asoc.dr. Merita Shala, who welcomed the scientific researchers and guests from the country and the world. “This conference represents an important event for our university, but since it has an international character, it is also an activity marked in the scientific calendar not only in the country, but also beyond,” she said.

This conference, Rector Shala emphasized, also appears in the list of annual activities from the European Geological Service, showing the seriousness of this organization. She thanked the organizers of the first edition and congratulated them for their work and dedication to hold the conference every year.

She expressed her satisfaction that the tradition of geoscience development is continuing in Mitrovica, while “Isa Boletini” University has become a point of reference for researchers and scientists in this field from the country, the region and the world. “I express the pleasure that we are together here for two days, to present our work and our latest research in the field of geoscience”, added Shala.

Whereas, the coordinator of the conference, prof.assoc.dr. Sabri Avdullahi, who announced that a total of 19 works will be presented during the two days. “Among those who will present their works, in addition to the country, there are researchers from Canada, South Africa, Slovenia, etc.,” he said.

The dean of the Faculty of Geosciences, prof.assoc.dr. Celebration Kutlovci. He said that this conference offers opportunities to present new ideas and discoveries, encouraging each other to protect the quality of life, managing a sustainable development of mineral resources that is an important process for the economy and industry of a country.

At the opening ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Getoar Mjeku, greeted the attendees. He spoke about the importance of this conference in the development of geoscience and mentioned some steps taken by the government for the development of the mining industry in Kosovo.

The conference has continued working in groups where the presentations of scientific works have begun. On the second day of the conference, study visits to the country’s mines will take place.