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Workshop was held: “Gender Equality, Property Rights and Support of Domestic Violence Victims”

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day – March 8, the OSCE Mission organized a workshop on “Gender Equality, Property Rights and Reliance on Domestic Violence Victims” at the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”. The workshop was attended by students from the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Education.

The purpose of this activity was to discuss with students about gender equality, focusing on equal property rights for men and women and about supporting victims of domestic violence. For this reason, guest panelists have discussed, which have awakened the interest of students with their questions.

The panelists were the Acting Dean of the Faculty of Law, prof.dr. Agron Beka, Ilija Bundaleski, Director of OSCE – Regional Office in Mitrovica, Mimoza Aliu from the Law Faculty, Arber Berisha, Legal Officer from the Ombudsperson Office in Mitrovica, Burhan Maxhuni, Victim Advocate in Mitrovica and Fidane Hyseni, Housing Director at Mitrovica. They present the provision of victim care services, their experiences and challenges.