Action for cleaning campus campus

Students and teachers, together with Rector of “Isa Boletini” University in Mitrovica, prof.dr. Alush Musaj, attended Tuesday in an action organized by the Student Parliament for cleaning the campus of the university. The event was organized in the framework of activities for marking the 6th anniversary of the establishment of “Isa Boletini” University in Mitrovica.
Rector Musaj, thanked students and teachers for their commitment to this action, transforming the university campus into a clean space. He congratulated the students and teachers for the 6th anniversary of the foundation of Isa Boletini University.
He stressed that within these six years the “Isa Boletini” University has made remarkable progress. “We started with improvised facilities, with 800 students, and now we are on the most modern campus in the country and with over 4 thousand students. We have to work hard to make our model university. “