Year I                      
Semester VIIHours/Week
CodeStatuSubjectL EECTSLecture
401. M.IIaMStructure and microstructure of materials II327Assoc Prof. Dr. Ali Sadiku
402. M.IIaMPhysical metallurgy I327Assoc Prof. Dr. Muharem Zabeli
403. M.IIaMFracture mechanics and damage of materials I226Prof. Dr. Rrahim Maksuti
404. M.IIaESpecial materials I225Prof. Dr. Milajete Mehmeti
405. M.IIaESurface Protective Layers224Prof. Dr. Milajete Mehmeti
406. M.IIaEChemistry source of electric energy225Assoc Prof Dr. Ali Sadiku
407. M.IIaEEnvironmental protection225Assoc Prof. Dr. Zarife Bajaraktari-Gashi
408. M.IIaEMaterials diagnostic225Prof. Dr. Rrahim Maksuti
Semester VIII
409.M.IIaMStructure and microstructure of materials III327Assoc Prof. Dr. Ali Sadiku
410.M.IIaMPhysical Metallurgy II327Assoc Prof. Dr. Muhmarem Zabeli
411.M.IIaMFracture mechanics and damage of materials II226Prof. Dr. Rrahim Maksuti
412.M.IIaESpecial Materials II225Prof. Dr. Milajete Mehmeti
413.M.IIaESelection of Materials315Prof. Dr. Musa Rizaj
414.M.IIaEConsumption of materials225Prof. Dr. Nagip Murati
415.M.IIaEModeling in the field of science materials225Assoc Prof. Dr. Zarife Bajaraktari-Gashi
Year II
Semester IX
416.M.IIaMMethodology of the scientific research327Assoc Prof. Dr. Nurten Deva
417.M.IIaMProject management316Assoc Prof.Dr. Ahmet Haxhijaj
418.M.IIaMRecycling materials327Assoc Prof. Dr. Nurten Deva
419.M.IIaMModern methods of corrosion protection225Prof. Dr. Milajete Mehmeti
420.M.IIaEFailure analysis225Prof Dr. Rrahim Maksuti
421.M.IIaInformation technology in materials5Assoc Prof. Dr. Nurten Deva
422.M.IIaEBiomaterials225Assoc Prof. Dr. Mursel Rama
Semestr X
423.M.IIaMIndustrial  practice 30d10
424.M.IIaMMaster Thesis  20
 Bachelor thesis  10
 Total  30


(5-6 April) University-Industry Collaboration ConferenceUICC
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