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Regulation for Student Elections, Establishment and Work of the Student Parliament and Student Councils at UIBM15.03.2021478/1
Rules and Procedures for General Elections at UIBM08.11.20222815PDF
Regulation on Elections at UIBM and the work of the Faculty Council08.11.20222816PDF
Regulation on the organization and functioning of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship30.04.2020597PDF
Regulation on the internal organization and systematization of the workplaces in UIBM19.02.2020282PDF
Regulation on establishment and functioning principles of the institutes of UIBM30.04.2020598PDF
Regulation on the responsibility and disciplinary procedures of the students24.09.20201183PDF
Regulation on Organization and Functioning of the Center for Professional Education and Development18.03.2022690PDF
Regulation of the scope and work of the statutory affairs Committee30.09.20211701PDF
Regulation on the work of the Steering Council25.06.20211216PDF
Regulation on the work of the Governing Council of UMIB2019PDF
Regulation on the internal organizational and Systematization of jobs inside UMIB2018PDF
Regulation on disciplinary measures and procedures towards the staff of UMIB2015PDF
Regulation on students disciplinary responsibility11.11.2016PDF
Regulation on Student Elections of the University of Mitrovica31.03.2017PDF
Regulation on Elections at UMIB and the work of the Faculty Councils28.03.2019PDF
Rules and Procedures for General Elections at UMIB28.03.2019PDF
Quality Assurance and Assessment Regulation10.07.2018PDF
Regulations for scholarships and fee waivers21.02.2019PDF
Code of Ethics26.02.2016PDF
Regulation on the work of Senate04.06.2015PDF
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Regulation on intellectual property, management and technology transfer in UIBM19.01.2023168PDF
Regulation on Scientific Research19.01.2023167PDF
Regulation for evaluating the perfomance of the academic staff of UIBM19.01.2023156PDF
Regulation of the University "Isa Boletini" library in Mitrovica10.11.20222852PDF
Regulation for Master studies2022-12-013079PDF
Regulation on Internationalization and Mobility11.12.20192624PDF
Regulation on Preparation procedures for institutional re-accreditation07.11.20222788PDF
Regulation on the Research Council of UIBM07.11.20222787PDF
Regulation on Bachelor studies at UIBM07.11.20222791PDF
Regulation on Quality Assurance and Assessment at UIBM07.11.20222792PDF
Regultation of transfer of studies28.09.20211668PDF
Regulation on procedures and selection criteria. re-election and promotion of the academic personel of UIBM28.09.20211667PDF
Regulation on evaluation procedures for the engagement of the external associates at the university28.09.20211670PDF
Regulation on rules and Procedures of the Senate30.06.20211258PDF
Regulation on the work and use of University Management System- UMS28.09.20211669PDF
Regulation on Bachelor Studies2018260/004PDF
Regulation on the establishment and functioning of Advisory Body of the Academic Units of the
University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”
Regulation on the procedures and criteria of promotion, selection and appointment of academic staff11.09.20181201PDF
Regulation of the quality assurance and evaluation at the University of Mitrovica22.05.2018PDF
Regulation on the work of Senate04.06.2015PDF