List of all regulationsPDF
19.02.2020Organizational Structure of UMIBPDF
2019Regulation on the work of the Governing Council of UMIBPDF
2018Regulation on Bachelor StudiesPDF
22.05.2018Regulation on the establishment and functioning of Advisory Body of the Academic Units of the
University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”
11.09.2018Regulation on the procedures and criteria of promotion, selection and appointment of academic staff PDF
11.12.2019Regulation on Internationalization and MobilityPDF
2018Regulation on the internal organizational and Systematization of jobs inside UMIBPDF
2015Regulation for basic studies-Bachelor- Faculty of Food TechnologyPDF
2015Regulation for Master level studiesPDF
Regulation on disciplinary measures and procedures towards the staff of UMIBPDF
22.05.2018 Regulation of the quality assurance and evaluation at the University of MitrovicaPDF
11.11.2016Regulation on students disciplinary responsibilityPDF
31.03.2017Regulation on Student Elections of the University of MitrovicaPDF
28.03.2019Regulation on Elections at UMIB and the work of the Faculty CouncilsPDF
28.03.2019Rules and Procedures for General Elections at UMIBPDF
10.07.2018Quality Assurance and Assessment RegulationPDF
21.02.2019Regulations for scholarships and fee waiversPDF
26.02.2016Code of EthicsPDF
06.11.2015Regulation on the procedures and measures for processing and security of personal data at the University of Mitrovica PDF
04.06.2015Regulation on the work of SenatePDF