The Vice-Rector for Teaching, Student Affairs, and Quality Development at University Isa Boletini Mitrovica visited the Kindergarten “Gëzimi ynë” in Mitrovica

In the framework of the intensification of University-Labour market cooperation, Vice-Rector Merita Shala accompanied by Vice-Rector Ajtene Avdullahi visited the children’s kindergarten “Gëzimi ynë”  in Mitrovica. On this occasion, they met the director of the kindergarten, Ms. Lume Tahiri, and the quality manager, Ms. Mihrije Lahi. During the visit, they discussed the cooperation so far between the two institutions, the identification of bottlenecks in preschool education as well as the possibilities of overcoming them, as well as the new possibilities of cooperation: such as the practical work of the students of the Faculty of Education in the kindergarten and new programs as per the needs of the labor market.